Did you know that you can choose a lower natural gas rate on your utility bill?
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What does it cost to SWiTCH?
You don’t pay SWiTCH a dime. Ever.  
There will be no change in service from your public utility.
Just SWiTCH to a lower natural gas rate.
Save money every year and invest it back into your business.

How much do our customers save?

Breweries & Distillers

Saving an average of 14%

Car Washes

Saving an average of 13.83% 

Healthcare Facilities

Saving an average of 14.93%


Saving an average of 15.65%

How hard is it to switch?
4 Easy Steps:

We look at your gas usage to see if you qualify.  One bill is enough, but your last 12 will give you the most accurate savings estimate.

We compare what you paid with rates from other suppliers over the same period and show you an apples to apples comparison.  

If we show you savings and you want to SWiTCH, we’ll provide everything you need. 

The SWiTCH is seamless, so we will confirm when your public utility is delivering gas from your new supplier.  The only change you’ll notice is a lower bill.  

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Do you want to find out if lower rates are available for your business?

Healthcare facilities are saving an average of 12% on their gas bill

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 25 years ago, The Natural Gas industry was deregulated. This created a competitive market now referred to as independent transport or Third Party Supply. These privately owned companies are cutting edge. They typically have a very low overhead business model and are very good at buying and selling large amounts of the natural gas commodity at the correct times. While it is important to be careful when choosing an independent transportation supplier, purchasing your gas through the independent supply is and has historically been a less expensive way to procure your natural gas utility. We will shop the highest rated suppliers with good customer service tenure to identify your best option and present a cost savings analysis back to you at no cost.

We thought so too, and as business owners, upon doing our due diligence and research found that due to deregulation, that a Public Service Company’s Gas Transportation Service enables us, as natural gas customers the choice to purchase their gas from third party suppliers.
We became SWiTCH to be able to offer commercial gas users the same 10-20% savings we are getting in our businesses, and so can you.
We’d love to talk with you about your business and what you can save

There is no out of pocket expense. If there are fees, they are minimal and spread out throughout the first couple of billing cycles with your new gas supplier. These fees are imposed by the Public Service Company and vary depending upon the PSco in your area. Switch Energy Advisers will identify these fees and they will be represented in your cost savings analysis so that there are no hidden fees throughout the entire process and relationship with your new gas supplier.

You do not need to do anything to the pipes lines or infrastructure when converting away from the Public Service Company. In fact, you will still be a valued customer of the Public Service Company. They still own the lines from the city gate, all the way to you building. What we are changing is who supplies the gas to the city gate. All we are really changing is, who receives the credit for your company’s natural gas consumption. In certain Public Service Company territories, there may need to be a telemeter place on top of the Service Company’s meter and a phone line ran to that meter. This step is completed for you upon your approval and is not always needed. This can vary in cost depending upon which Psco territory your company is located in but is built in to the billing cycle and will be represented in your free cost savings analysis.. Switch Energy Advisers’ role in this is to identify what your Publice Service Company requires and to give you this information along with a cost savings analysis so that you can make an informed decision on what makes the most sense for your company.